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Depuis 1972, Solomas ébéniste est spécialiste de l’agencement commercial et de l’aménagement d’espaces intérieurs et extérieurs. Founded by the Solomas family, the company Solomas Ebeniste endeavours to understand its clients needs and wishes and to achieve their projects.

The masterful cabinet maker and his “compagnons” skills, the best CAD softwares, digital controlled machines are major assets to achieve the most daring and original projects.
From design to installation, the Solomas team assists you in every kind of projects, nonstandards, unusual, classic, traditional, or at the cutting edge of modernity, offering you installation service I France or abroad.

WE ARE cabinet maker & designer
Exceptional Interior and exterior design
Support in concept research, prototypes, shops, corners…

the founders

« A common passion making the company carrying on »

Raymond Solomas

Graduate of Don Bosco school in Nice, Raymond Solomas is a masterful cabinet-maker who turned his passion into a career. Through his enthusiasm for wood and his expertise, he founded Solomas in 1972 and quickly became a reference in the high-end commercial furniture market. His hard work and energy ultimately contributed to the international reputation of azurean companies.

In 2002, Raymond Solomas was awarded with « dynamique artisanale » Prize , before passing the torch on to his daughter, thus perpetuating the family business.

To this day, Raymond strives to make sure Solomas ébéniste remains a major player in the commercial furniture market, and custom-made cabinet-making.

Nadine Solomas

Through her relish for interior design and her business studies, Nadine Solomas managed to make Solomas ébéniste prosper further. Taking her insiprations in new aesthetics while remaining true to the family trademark, she constantly develops fresh ideas to create new ranges of products.

Ancestral cabinet-making techniques and a passion for woodworking have been passed down by her father ever since she can remember. Together, they strengthen the brand image of Solomas ébéniste, locally, nationally but also internationally.

a human sized team

About 20 people are currently working at Solomas ébéniste.

Design, sketching, order preparation, management, accounting, communication, orders, work sites monitoring and organization, valuation, veneer, flow , digital machining, installation, finishing work, resins, lacquer, varnishing and coloring : most of these tasks may be specific, but everyone at Solomas ébéniste knows what their colleagues work entails. We consider versatility to be of the utmost importance. Knowing what your co-workers can and can't do allows an increased involvement and better coordination.

We know how to handle the unexpected, we listen, we exchange views, we constantly include new elements. All these qualities are what make Solomas ébéniste a team on a human scale.

If you think you share our passion of woodworking and want to perfect your expertise, feel free to send us your application.

our history

With craftsmanship and industrial performance.



We may be doing creative work, but we also perform complex procedures that require discipline, and respect for both the techniques and the craft.

Expertise and progress

We strive to better ourselves every day. We take into consideration every idea to achieve this goal.


We get to know our clients, suppliers, and partners. We hold in high regard our relations with each and every one of them.


Delivering quality work is our priority.


Thanks to the legacy of the old techniques of woodworking and technological innovation in order we remain faithful to our history and values.


To offer to each of our clients a unique and personalized service designed to bring to life their projects of layout of professional premises, fitting out of hotels, bars, restaurants, or of decoration of interior, offices, Boat equipment. To be as close as possible to the needs of the customer in order to give him satisfaction.

OUR partners


From designing to production.

Looking for ideas and concepts

We work in close collaboration with architects, designers, and project managers on site to find the most suitable layout for your offices.

Technical review and aesthetics

With our 40 years of experience, our design office is able to adapt our projects to both your budget and your schedule, bringing you the best technical answers to your needs and fitting aesthetics.

Drawing of technical plans

Our design office creates the technical plans (CAD, CAM) for every project in its entirety. Thanks to 3D rendering and augmented reality, you can now experience your own projects as though you were there, even before they’re put into production.

Building your project from the ground up

In our workshop equipped with numerically controlled machinery, a machining centre and a gluing machine, we handle the manufacturing of your projects from A to Z. You can find us in Saint André de la Roche, a mere 2km from Nice.

Delivery and installation

Whether you’re a national or an international client, we can offer the delivery and installation of every single project we complete.


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